Valentine’s Day Reflections: Hug Somebody Today

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day, that wonderful day where men spend money and women get candy and flowers. Or so the stereotype goes.  I do not recognize this holiday, (although I do love chocolate and flowers!) as it seems to be just a ploy for people to spend money on things to tell people they love them, which somehow makes it ok for them to be assholes the rest of the year.

That being said, this Valentine’s Day, I saw something different.  Rather than a lot of Facebook posts from my single women friends complaining about how they were single, the majority of posts in my newsfeed were about spreading love to people. Not your partner or significant other, people.

And it got me thinking.  Maybe rather than ignoring the day and treating it as any other day, I can use it as a day to remember to spread a little love.  That instead of buying a card for my partner, I could buy a card for a friend I haven’t talked to in awhile.  Reach out and say, ‘Hey, I love you.’

I did not actually do any of that, nor that this way escape the trap of only saying ‘I love you’ one day a year.  But I think it’s a refreshing change from the standard two options on Valentine’s Day: either spend the day with the love of your life or spend the day alone and miserable because no one will love you.

The other great thing I saw yesterday was women spending the evening together.  Not moping over being single, but using the day as a ‘Girl’s Night.’ It made me remember how good it felt to have girl’s nights in college, to take a break from homework, work and all the other stresses in life and make popcorn and watch a movie with my bestests (Shout out to the roomies!! Happy birthday forever roommate :))  It’s good to remember important the company of other women can be.

All in all, this doesn’t change my stance on Valentine’s Day.  But it does make me rethink why I don’t like it, and maybe next year, I’ll work on spreading the love around on V-day 🙂

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