Sizing up

First, I apologize for the lack of posts lately. Between friends’ weddings, trips home, and finishing graduate school, things have been slightly crazy.

Second, check out this awesome article over at Feministe. It’s all about the difference in sizes from store to store, including how companies mess with sizes.  They play off of the mass media nonsense that women are always dieting and should always be trying to fit in a smaller size to become that perfect beauty.  Jill’s response?

‘Tiny sizes should fit tiny people.’

My boyfriend often comments that he doesn’t understand women’s sizes. ‘What are they measuring? How does a 4 mean?’ and it’s true.  They make no sense.  Add on the difference from store to store and of course women are going to have to spend more time shopping and trying clothes on.  That stereotype may be true, but the variance in sizes makes it hard to not try on everything.

To sum up:

It would be nice if women’s clothes, like men’s, were sized in inches and were fairly standard; it would also be nice if so much value weren’t assigned to the size on your pants tag.

I wholeheartedly agree.

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