Women and Water: Fitting into the Discussion

I have a new post up at Women in and Beyond the Global entitled ‘Women and Water: Fitting into the Discussion.’  The post is the most recent in a series I started writing at the beginning of graduate school to discuss the intersections of women and water.

Here’s a snippet of the latest post:

Often, advocates for water issues discuss the need for a holistic view of water.  To be truly holistic, we need to be exploring all sides of water scarcity – including the gender implications or the gendered uses of water.  The division of labor among people, and the reasons that certain people do certain tasks, has huge implications for water use and scarcity.  The security issues involved in women’s access to clean water and sanitation are also intertwined with the gender norms of society.  To really address the issue of water scarcity, those issues have to be discussed as well.

Check out the full post here

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