Open letter to strangers

Dear random man on the street,

Thank you for pointing out how my hair is going grey. I really appreciate that today, my birthday of all days, you took the time to stop me on the street and tell me ‘it’s ok that my hair is grey because I am old but you are too young!’ what kind of backhanded compliment is that? If you were going for ‘you’re so young and pretty’ you failed.

Thank you for trying to backpedal and make it seem like you were just trying to say how beautiful it looked on me. I know my look of shock must have really thrown off your game. Your comment that I must be thinking too hard really hit home what you think of me. God forbid I think so hard it turns my hair grey. God forbid I think at all.

And thank you for pointing out that I dint fit into the standard of twenty-something beauty; that I am aging before my time. I also have bad eyesight and rickety joints if you want to talk about that. But you won’t. Because you can’t see those. You only see that my hair looks odd. You don’t see the confidence it takes to be ok with my greying hair. Or the years of damage done by hair dyes and the hundreds of dollars spent trying to pretend that wasn’t me. But it is me and I like it.

Finally, thank you random stranger for feeling it is ok to discuss this with me in the street corner. Most people wouldn’t be so bold, but you, you really went for it. Next time, leave the girl in peace and keep your comments to yourself.

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