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What’s in a Word: ‘You’re Such a Little Girl’

Good Lord I hate that phrase, and it’s partner ‘stop being such a girl.’  Here’s why: 1. What is wrong with being a girl?? I was a girl once, even a little girl, and I remember it being awesome.  There … Continue reading

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What’s in a Word: ‘Buying American’

In the past decade or so the phrase ‘Buy American’ or ‘Made in America’ has been thrown around pretty heavily.  And while it’s been thrown around, it has been connected with all things Tea Party Republican.  To be patriotic you … Continue reading

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What’s in a Word: ‘Silence is Complicit’

I named this blog back in February of 2010, with the goal of having it be a place for conversation about gender, politics, and race.  I remember naming it after reading Audre Lorde, and could swear the name came from … Continue reading

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Nancy Drew and the Case of the Old Books

A visit to the local used bookstore this past weekend got me all excited about books.  Children’s books, specifically.  When I tore myself away from the huge mystery section, I found myself in the children’s section. I scanned the shelves … Continue reading

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What do we lose when it’s economy vs ideology?

I was reading an article this morning about how ‘greenies’ span all income brackets, and that being green was about reducing costs.   It got me thinking: when we reduce the green movement to how to save money, what do we … Continue reading

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Open letter to strangers

Dear random man on the street, Thank you for pointing out how my hair is going grey. I really appreciate that today, my birthday of all days, you took the time to stop me on the street and tell me … Continue reading

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Evolution vs Creationism

This morning I read this article on Sociological Images.  Normally, I find the discussions on this site interesting and thought provoking.  This article, about using ‘choice’ when discussing the validity of evolution vs the validity of creationism, really bothered me. … Continue reading

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