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Religion and Disasters: When do they intersect?

I have been reading a lot about the floods in Pakistan — first from an interest in environmental evidence of climate change and then from an interest in the speed of aid that is going to Pakistan.  All of this … Continue reading

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The Bachelor: On the Wings of Sexism

A friend recently sent me this article discussing the upcoming Bachelor Pad –the latest in the Bachelor franchise.  The article points out the trouble the franchise runs into with race, so I won’t cover that again.  What I do want … Continue reading

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Military and Feminism: Protecting…. what?

I recently read a posting on by Samhita about the new cover of TIME magazine. The cover features an Afghan girl with her nose cut off and the title: “What Happens if We Leave Afghanistan”. Samhita does a fantastic … Continue reading

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Dexter: Serial Display of -isms

Last night I was watching an episode of Dexter (season 1. yes, I know I’m behind!). While I really am enjoying this show, the episode last night really bothered me. Well, there’s a lot about the show that bothers me. … Continue reading

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The Truth about Feminism

I attended a workshop today entitled Women’s Poverty Through the Lens of Social Documentary Photographer Milton Rogovin. His photographs were beautiful, taken of women at work throughout the US, Chile, Spain and Mexico during the last 50 years. It was … Continue reading

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The Greening of Southie: Bringing to Light Issues of Environmental Justice

I recently watched two awesome documentaries relating to the environment. One was Flow, about the effects of privatization on water resources and communities around the world, was an excellent reaffirmation of how important water issues are. The other was The … Continue reading

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Race and Climate Change: Double the Fear?

I had the privilege today of attending a round table discussion about messaging in a post-Copenhagen world. Most of what was brought up I had already come across, but one idea struck me as something that would interest here, and … Continue reading

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