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What’s in a Word: ‘Buying American’

In the past decade or so the phrase ‘Buy American’ or ‘Made in America’ has been thrown around pretty heavily.  And while it’s been thrown around, it has been connected with all things Tea Party Republican.  To be patriotic you … Continue reading

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On Stranger Tides rankles my feminist self

Last weekend I went to see the fourth Pirates of the Carribbean movie (On Stranger Tides) expecting the usual pretty faces, swashbuckling, and Johnny Depp’s swagger.  I was sadly disappointed. Firstly, the movie recycles some of the scenes from previous … Continue reading

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Powerless: lessons in power from ‘In the Heights’

Last month I went to see the musical ‘In the Heights’ with my family.  This is a musical about a block in Washington Heights, where the population is mostly immigrants and first generation Americans from the Caribbean — Dominicans, Cubans, … Continue reading

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My Curls, My Race

While walking to my bus stop after attending a book launch, a girl stopped me on the street, saying Can I ask you a hair question? Normally I would shoot this girl a dirty look and keep moving, because usually … Continue reading

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Religion and Disasters: When do they intersect?

I have been reading a lot about the floods in Pakistan — first from an interest in environmental evidence of climate change and then from an interest in the speed of aid that is going to Pakistan.  All of this … Continue reading

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The Bachelor: On the Wings of Sexism

A friend recently sent me this article discussing the upcoming Bachelor Pad –the latest in the Bachelor franchise.  The article points out the trouble the franchise runs into with race, so I won’t cover that again.  What I do want … Continue reading

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Adapting to Climate Change: Do We Have the Right Answer Yet?

For this post, I want to build off of my previous post a bit and vary a little from our theme of race and gender, although race and gender are certainly not missing from this discussion. Last week I had … Continue reading

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